Friday, 16 August 2013

When the Cavalry came in 1934

When the Cavalry came to Hamley Bridge

A camp of the 6th Cavalry Brigade (minus the 3rd Light Horse Regiment) was held at Hamley Bridge between March 12th -17th 1934. Both the 9th and 18th /23rd Light Horse Regiments held a two-day bivouac . In addition to these troops there were also number of technical units in camp at Hamley Bridge. These included a detachment of the Army Service Corp 6th Cavalry Field Ambulance, and 6th Cavalry Mobile Veterinary Section. There were approximately 300 men and horses in the camp. His Excellency the Governor came and reviewed the troops on March 16, then in the afternoon the 6th Cavalry Brigade held their sports meeting and gymkhana. The Hamley Bridge Swimming Club made the bathing facilities in the River Light available for the troops usage during the camp.

Cavalry coming into Hamley Bridge
Some of the Troops coming down Stockport Road

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