Thursday, 19 February 2015

ANZACS in the Great War 1914-1918

Click on the name to find out more about these Hamley Bridge men who went to war

AYLIFFE, Stewart Hamilton  32nd Battalion, A Company
BARCLAY, William Fletcher  6th General Service Reinforcements
BECKMAN, Albert Courtly  10th Battalion, 11th Reinforcement
BELL, George Robert
BEST, Richard Sydney  16th Battalion, 13th Reinforcement
BROOKS, Arthur Ernest  32nd Battalion, 13th Reinforcement
BROOKS, Cyril Bertram
CARMODY, Edward John  Field Artillery Brigade 2, Reinforcement 13
CHAPLIN, Albert  27th Battalion, 4th Reinforcement
DOYLE, Frederick James Fox  32nd Battalion, 8th Reinforcement
DYER, Charles Edward  50th Battalion, 4th Reinforcement
ENGLISH, Norman Harry  5th Pioneer Battalion, Reinforcement 5
FRANCIS, Harry  27th Battalion, 2nd Reinforcement
GENT, Percie  5th Pioneer Battalion, Reinforcement 3
GRAHAM, William Andrew  27th Battalion, B Company
GRIGG, Stewart Giles  27th Battalion, A Company
GRIGG, William Joseph  3rd Light Horse Regiment, 30th Reinforcement
HARFIELD, Claude Reginald Monckton  1-6 (SA) Reinforcements
HART, Clement Frank  Field Artillery Brigade 8, Brigade Ammunition Column
HILL, Stanley Wilton
JOHN, David Nicholas  4th Light Horse Field Ambulance
KAIN, John Francis  32nd Battalion, 9th Reinforcement
KAIN, Martin  32nd Battalion, 9th Reinforcement
KELLY, John  32nd Battalion, Transport Section
MOLINEUX, John Joseph  27th Battalion, 11th Reinforcement
MORAN, Leonard Hamilton  March 1916 Reinforcements
O'SULLIVAN, David Joseph  Field Artillery Brigade, Reinforcement 33
PLAIN, William George  Australian Remount Unit 1, Squadron 3
SHANNON, Roderick Agnew  Australian Reserve Park 1, Company 10
SHEEHAN, Stanislaus McIhrney  11th Field Ambulance
SHEEHAN, William Andrew  Machine Gun Company 8, Reinforcement 13
SMITH, Charles  48th Battalion, 2nd Reinforcement
STRAWHAN, Francis  Field Artillery Brigade 2, Reinforcement 21
WOODS, Stanley Stewart  27th Battalion, D Company
WOODS, Stanley Stuart  27th Battalion, 12th Reinforcement
WYATT, John Joseph  32nd Battalion, 11th Reinforcement

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