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Annie Street

South Australian Register - Thursday 24 July 1884

Mr. Castine, M.P ., waited on the Commissioner of Public Works (Hon. T. Playford) at Parliament House on Wednesday to present a memorial from the inhabitants of Hamley Bridge, requesting the Commissioner to sanction the construction of a footway under the railway line from Hamley Bridge proper to Duffieldtown by way of Annie-street. The memorialists pointed out that this had been a long-felt want, and that the construction of such a footway as that asked for would most likely avert an accident, as children were continually crossing the line on their way to the public school. The attention of the Commissioner was also called to the necessity of a turnstile being placed at the north-east side of the general crossing. In presenting the memorial Mr. Castine explained that the town was cut in two by the railway, one portion being called Hamley Bridge and the other Duffieldtown. The flatter was the better building site of the two, and contained a considerable part of the population. The children of the residents at either place had to attend the Government school, which was situated at Hamley Bridge proper, and as the township of Duffield lay on a hill, while that of Hamley Bridge was in a hollow, the residents thought the best way to meet the difficulty would be to get a footpath dug under the railway according as the road ran, an improvement which would considerably lessen the inconvenience, as also the danger. The Commissioner promised to refer the matter to the Engineer-in Chief for his report, and to do what he could in the matter to meet the wishes of the memorialists.

South Australian Register - Friday 24 September 1886
HAMLEY BRIDGE, September 20.

A largely attended meeting was held in the Institute to-night to take steps to get the Government to furnish some means of communication between Hamley Bridge and Duffield Town. Mr. Joseph Black, who was voted to the chair, stated that some two years ago a move was made with the same object, out dropped. Since then the inconvenience had greatly increased. A deputation had waited on the Alma District Council, and that Council had consented to purchase a road from Duffield Town to the railway line. Mr. Joseph Bell moved— 'That this meeting is of opinion that a footway should be provided underneath the railway from Annie-street to Duffield Town. Mr. A. Wilson seconded. Carried. Mr. G. Rhodes proposed that a memorial be presented through the members. Mr. T. Griffin seconded. Other speakers supported, and pointed out the great danger children were exposed to in crossing the railway-yard, where shunting is constantly being done. Proposed by Mr. Joseph Bell, seconded by Mr. Jefferies, and carried— ' That should the memorial fail another meeting be called, and a deputation be appointed to wait on the Commissioner of Public Works.' The memorial was numerously signed.

The South Australian Advertiser - Tuesday 24 May 1887

May 14. —Present—Chairman, and Crs. Ridgway and Griffin. Circulars re Imperial Institute received. Cr. Griffin reported that ratepayer who had previously offered to allow pathway through his property, Duffield Town, leading, from underway railway crossing, now wanted £15 instead of £10 as was originally premised by him; clerk to obtain legal advice. Payments, £50 8s. 11d.

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  1. was that street Annie street named after Annie Jordan by any chance