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Hospitals in Hamley Bridge

I have been looking into the history of the Hospitals in Hamley Bridge. So far, I have found reference to several different names. Three or four of the former hospital sites are now houses, and, the current hospital was a former house! Quite confusing!!!
If you can help with more information, please, please let me know.

Some of the facts/mentions I have found so far :
1906 - 1911 ... Mrs. Taylor's (or Nurse Taylor’s) Hospital

1907 & 1913 ... Hamley Bridge Cottage Hospital mentioned – Nurse Taylor matron of the hospital
1914- 1946 ... Hamley Bridge Private Hospital
1914 – 1919 ... Nurse (or Sister) Whitford’s Private Hospital
1918 – 1919 ... Nurse Gibson's Private Hospital
1920 ... Sister Stacey's Hospital
1925 ... Sister Bray’s Hospital
1931 ... Sister Harris’s Private Hospital

Opening of the current hospital
Hospital - Barry Street

Hospital - Hill Street

Hospital - Stockport Road
Hospital 1913

The Register - Tuesday 14 August 1906

The cottage hospital, Hamley Bridge, which has proved such a convenience to the district under the management of Nurse Taylor, has been considerably enlarged by the addition of two large rooms, which can be used for infections cases. Nurse Nash, late of the Adelaide Hospital, has joined Nurse Taylor in the management. The growth of this institution is phenomenal, as it is not more than two and a half years since the idea was first thought of.

The Advertiser – Tuesday 7 January 1913

Mrs. Taylor, matron of the Hamley Bridge Cottage Hospital, having retired, has been succeeded by Nurse Whitford, of Adelaide, who will be assisted by Nurse Baillie.

The Register – Tuesday 6 July 1920
HAMLEY BRIDGE, June 29.— The new Cottage Hospital conducted by Sister Stacey was formally opened at a public gathering held yesterday afternoon. More than 100 people were present when Dr. Alan Pryde called upon Cr. H. J. E. Branson to formally declare the hospital open. Messrs. J. Barclay, James Bell, and Rev. H. T. Rush conveyed the congratulations of the public, and expressed satisfaction that such excellent and up-to-date hospital accommodation had been provided for town and district. The Rev. S. Roberts replied on behalf of Sister Stacey. After an inspection of the premises afternoon tea was served. The owner of the building, Mr. S. Nairne, and the lessee, Sister Stacey, were commended for their enterprise, and the builder (Mr. W. H. Durdin) is also deserving of credit.

The Advertiser – Tuesday 2 June 1925

HAMLEY BRIDGE HOSPITAL. The Hamley Bridge Hospital, Limited, has been registered, with a capital of £2,000, in shares of £1 each, of which 1,400 are to be issued to subscribers on payment of 1 per share, payable on allotment, and 600 are to be held in reserve. Objects: To take over the assets and liabilities of the Hamley Bridge Hospital Committee and to control and maintain and carry on a hospital at or near Hamley Bridge. Shareholders, Messrs. H. J. E. Branson, Hamley Bridge, farmer, 5; H. M. Bohnsack, Hamley Bridge, storekeeper, 5; A. Harkness, Hamley Bridge, farmer, 5; C. R. S. Hutton, Hamley Bridge, chaff merchant, 5; F. J. Hill, Hamley Bridge, butcher, 5. First Directors Messrs. H. J. E. Branson, H. H. Bohnsack, A. Harkness, C. R. S. Hutton, James Patrick Carrigg, F. J. Hill, and William Henry Durdin.

The Advertiser - Friday 6 July 1951

NEW HAMLEY BRIDGE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL. The Hamley Bridge Memorial Hospital, a converted and extended private home,which will be opened by the Chief Secretary (Mr. McEwin) on Sunday, July 15. After the opening, the State president of the RSL (Mr. T. C. Eastick) will unveil a plaque commemorating the services of Hamley Bridge men and women in both wars.

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